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What happens in your body after taking a can of Coca-Cola


According to pharmacist Niraj Naik, a 330 milliliter can of Coca-Cola could cause several important changes in your body within the first hour of consumption.

Naik says that the intense sweetness of Coca-Cola, resulting from its high sugar content, should cause a person to vomit as soon as the liquid enters their body.

However, the phosphoric acid in the drink blunts the sweetness, allowing people to continue drinking it.

This causes blood sugar levels to rise dramatically within the first 20 minutes of drinking the can, causing a burst of insulin. All of these large amounts of sugar are converted to fat by the liver, according to Medical News Today.

In 40 minutes, the body finishes absorbing all the caffeine from Coca-Cola. This caffeine causes the pupils to dilate and the blood pressure to rise.

On the other hand, within 5 minutes of taking it, the production of dopamine increases. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the pleasure center in the brain. According to Naik, the way Coca-Cola controls this center is comparable to the effects of heroin, which makes the person feel like drinking another can.

Within an hour of drinking the can, people will begin to feel irritable and drowsy, and by this time, the body will have eliminated the water from the drink, along with all its vital nutrients, through the urine.

Naik explains that in reality, all this happens not only with Coca-Cola but with all caffeinated soft drinks.

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