What Happens After Death: Testimony Of A Girl Who Returned From The Dead Will Leave You Without Words …

If you’ve ever wondered what the afterlife, this is the perfect opportunity to find out! At the moment of death, a strange power to bring your soul to the other world. No matter which side you see, everywhere there is light …

– Although you do not have your own body, you feel like having. Suddenly you know all those things that you never knew while you were alive.
The atmosphere is filled with soothing whispers, many voices like singing just for you. In the background is heard music from a violin, cello and harp. Light rays as you understand.
Higher beings will welcome and assist you to face the new situation. These creatures will get unconditional love!
And then, as if someone pressed a button and you released your life instead of film. You can view any part of your life, from birth to death, like having a remote control.
After death, you have the opportunity to follow all the roads that you take when you were alive, so to see what it would be if you’ve downloaded.
After reviewing the entire life, you get a new body, which is made of concentrated light. Dont you worry about how you look.
Upstairs you will meet your spiritual guide, and though you have never met on earth, you still know. And again you are with old  family and friends.
You realize that death is not as terrible as it seems, because you are eternal.

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