Natural Homemade Toothpaste: An Easy Recipe

Natural Toothpaste Ingredients
This recipe is so easy to make because it only has three ingredients, with the optional addition of essential oils to make a total of four ingredients. It’s something you can whip up in a snap, but it also has beneficial properties that help promote good oral health.

The ingredients that we’ll be using for this recipe are:
MCT Oil – MCT oil is short for Medium-Chain Triglycerides which are made up of medium-chain fatty acids. The “medium” part describes the length of the chemical structure, which means MCTs are a medium length chain, as opposed to long-chains. Without getting all science-y here, MCTs are basically a form of fatty acids that are very easy for the body to breakdown and use for energy. To put it another way, think of long-chain fatty acids as a whole piece of fruit, and MCTs as a smoothie. Your body will need a lot less energy to breakdown a smoothie than it would a whole fruit, which makes it a quicker energy source.
Calcium Carbonate Powder – This is commonly used as an antacid for its ability to reduce heartburn and indigestion, but it’s also really great in natural toothpaste as it not only works as an abrasive to help clean teeth, but helps rebuild enamel and strengthen teeth, giving them what they need to naturally rebuild.
Xylitol – Xylitol is most commonly used as a naturally derived sugar substitute to help sweeten drinks and foods without the bad side effects of regular sugar, but surprisingly Xylitol is amazing for oral health, specifically for keeping teeth healthy. It works by helping the mouth maintain a neutral pH level, and makes it hard for decay causing bacteria to stick to the teeth. Research has also shown that Xylitol can actually help repair tooth enamel, which makes it a must-have ingredient in any natural toothpaste recipe.
So now that you a little bit more about the ingredients that will go into your natural toothpaste, let’s move on to the recipe!
Easy Natural Toothpaste Recipe
I’ve found that the easiest way to blend everything together is with a blender, as the calcium carbonate powder and Xylitol can be a bit on the coarse side. You can absolutely just mix this by hand, but if you do find it to be a bit too coarse for your liking, tossing everything into a blender will give you a much smoother result.
What You’ll Need
1/4 cup Pure Calcium Carbonate Powder
1/4 cup MCT Oil
3 tablespoons Xylitol Powder
Essential Oils of choice (optional – I add 2 drops each of Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil)
Small container or jar for storage
What To Do
Add the Xylitol and calcium carbonate to a blender and blend until you get a fine powder.
Transfer the powder to a small bowl and add in the MCT oil by hand until smooth. You can add a little more MCT oil if you want a thinner toothpaste, but it should be a semi-thick consistency.
Store in a small squeeze container or jar and use like regular toothpaste. If you have multiple members in your family, you can double this recipe and use separate containers for each person, which will help keep everything sanitary.

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