Make This Simple Tricks To Prove The Condition Of The Eggs!!!

With rising temperatures, foods usually last less time in good condition.

If you want to know if the eggs that have been in the refrigerator for a few days are still edible, write down these tips that will let you know if they are still fit for consumption.
The egg is a product with which you have to be especially careful. And it is a food that, if eaten in poor condition, can cause intoxications.
That is why it is important to make sure that it is in the best condition before using it at meals.

How to recognize if the eggs are in poor condition?
There are several ways to check if an egg is good or if, on the contrary, we should dispose of it. For example, if the raw egg is shaken as the yolk strikes with the shell, it will be in poor condition.
There are also other ways to verify it.
Sink the egg in water
The first thing you will have to do is put the egg in a container with water, if possible transparent, so that you can see the result more easily.
You should keep in mind a number of points:

  • If the egg sinks quickly and stays in the bottom horizontally then the egg itself is in good condition and is fresh.
  • If you notice that the egg sinks slowly and stays on the bottom tilted or standing completely, then the egg is not fresh.
  • Think that the greater the degree of inclination you observe, the older the egg. However, the egg is still fit for consumption.
  • In case the egg does not finish going to the bottom and you see that it remains slightly floating it will be indicative that it is already in bad condition and the best thing is that you do not consume it.
  • If you also see that the egg remains floating on the surface completely, this will mean that it is totally rotten.
  • This flotation is produced by the gases generated by organic matter when decomposed and, as we say, the egg has already entered a state that should not be consumed.

To cook the egg

  • If we cook the egg and, cutting it in half, we see that the yolk is centered and the air chamber is small, the egg is in good condition to be consumed.
  • If on the other hand, the yolk is closer to the shell and you see that the air area is large, the egg is rotten.

To open the egg
Another simple way to observe if the egg is fresh is not by pouring it to the plate.

  • If you see that the egg does not expand too much and the yolk is compacted, then the egg is fresh.
  • In the opposite case, if you see that the egg is on the plate and the egg white and the yolk are expanding all over the plate, the yolk is completely blurred, so you should keep in mind that the egg is not fresh.

Observe labeling dates
It is necessary to take into account the periods in which the hen lays eggs. This is known as “week 0”. From week 3 eggs should be removed from the sale.
The reason? The eggs expire at week 4, depending on the date of labeling.
From there they begin to lose their organoleptic properties and care must be taken in their consumption, especially as of week 6.
In addition, other recommendations that revolve around the own conservation of the egg pass by leaving them inside its original carton and always in a cool and dry place.
This can be up to three weeks in perfect condition.
In the case that you make a dish with egg you can store the leftovers always in the refrigerator, well refrigerated and in an airtight container.
These dishes can be eaten until 3 or 4 days later if they are in these conditions of conservation. However, the best thing in any case will be to see certain aspects like its possible smell, etc.
Remember that with high temperatures the food will last less in good condition and it may not be advisable to save more than 2 days.

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