Interesting Facts For Too Much Sweating…Must Read !!!!

You sweat too much for no reason? – Here’s what the body is trying to tell you!


The body does not sweat only after physical activity, but also due to many other factors. Maybe that means something is wrong. Find out in which situations our body sweat, though it seems for no reason!

Lack of sugar in the blood

If blood sugar levels drop suddenly, it can cause profuse sweating. If you have such problems, it is best to have a candy with you all the time.

Heart problems

Sweating, especially if you have no strenuous activity may be a sign of heart problems. If this happens often, it is best to visit a doctor immediately.


Hyperthyroidism is a condition that causes excessive sweating, individual body parts continue to sweat even when you don’t have any physical activity, mostly, it is the hands, feet and head.


All changes that are happening to the body and affect the endocrine system causes excessive sweating. It actually happens to women when they go through menopause.

Maybe you’re pregnant!

When a woman is pregnant it comes to sudden temperature changes that only she felt. It all happens because of hormonal changes.


Nicotine leads to fast heart beat, increased pressure, thus increasing the body temperature. It affects hormones and leads to increased perspiration.


Sweating from stress is quite different than when you sweat from heat. Sweat caused by stress is called “Apocrine sweat” is thicker and has a more pronounced flavor than ordinary sweat.

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