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How can we motivate ourselves to exercise?

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It is no secret that confinement can discourage and discourage us from doing much of what we did before the pandemic, including exercise. However, leaving physical activity is dangerous for your health, so motivating yourself to exercise should be a priority, and here we will help you in that.

Do not think about it, just do it

According to psychologist Gema Suárez, thinking a lot about physical activity can prevent us from exercising in the midst of the pandemic, so she advises us to start the physical activity without thinking of excuses to avoid it.

This does not imply exercising without prior knowledge of a plan. Ideally, you should establish a routine the day before exercise so that you do it without thinking about how difficult it can be for you and its effects on your body.

Think about the consequences of not exercising

Thinking about your fitness if you don’t exercise is a good way to motivate yourself to train because, among other things, it makes it easier for you to consider the possible health complications that you may have if you don’t attend to your physique from now on.

This mental exercise generates a very powerful impression on the person, working as a good method of persuasion to convince them that they have to pay attention to their physical appearance if you want to save yourself future complications.

Visualize yourself after exercising

This strategy to motivate yourself to exercise is opposite to the previous one in that it consists of visualizing the benefits that we would perceive in the future if we exercise from now on. It’s not so much about long-term thinking, but about day-to-day.

Physical exercise induces the release of hormones that make us feel good. In particular, endorphins make us feel euphoric when we successfully complete an exercise.

If you apply these strategies together, you will significantly increase your motivation around physical exercise, which will have a satisfactory impact on your state of health.

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