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Avoid spending more when buying groceries


The shortage of certain foods has arisen as the coronavirus pandemic progresses throughout the country, so it is important to take into account in your next purchase and not overspend. The cost of most types of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs has increased by 4.3%, the largest increase of any food category.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid making to save money during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mistake 1: buying meat for your entire menu

In case the grocery store you visit has no limits on the amount of meat you can buy, avoid buying a large quantity as meat prices are increasing.

Due to the temporary closure of some meat processing plants, their price is receiving high prices. You can save money by changing vegetable proteins more frequently in your meals.

Eggs are one of the cheapest animal proteins out there making them a good meat substitute, however during the pandemic, the cost of eggs has increased substantially. If you can buy them, don’t be afraid to buy them, but keep in mind that their price has increased more during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mistake 2: not checking the prices of dairy products

Problems in supply chains across the country have led to changes in the costs of milk, cheese, and even ice cream.

Cost changes have affected even winners who have sometimes had to throw away gallons of milk that they were unable to sell during the quarantine.

Mistake 3: packaged foods don’t go up in price

During the pandemic, not only have prices for meat and dairy products increased, but baking flour mixes have risen in cost in the same way that staples such as sugar and substitutes have increased.

If you are a fan of these products, check their prices since every time you visit the supermarket you will find variations in the prices of the products.

Mistake 4: accumulating grains in your pantry

Before buying any product and placing it in the supermarket cart, you should check the prices of products such as cereals, pasta, and rice since during the pandemic its price has increased in different supermarket chains.

Mistake 5: not checking the fruit and vegetable canopies

During the pandemic, it has been recorded that increases in the prices of fruits and vegetables have not registered large increases compared to meat.

However, it is important to check the prices of fruits and vegetables. In the case of registering large changes, choose a new product as a substitute.

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