Aphrodisiac Foods That Feed Your Sex Drive

Looking for a little boost in the lovemaking department? Let food help put you in the mood. With all the stress of life, these tasty items can make sure you’re good to go when the mood is right.
Yes, finally, chocolate appears on this list. It’s easy to see why chocolate can put you in the mood: it’s a sensual, sweet food that can be prepared and enjoyed so many different ways. Scientifically, chocolate has some hefty stats to back up its swinger status in the world of sexy foods. Chocolate helps stimulate production of serotonin and it also contain PEA or the “love chemical,” which helps releases dopamine for a feeling of euphoria.

When you think of aphrodisiac foods, oysters always come to mind and for good reason: they actually work! Oysters contain a lot of zinc, which is known to help boost testosterone production in both men and women. Testosterone is responsible for increasing libido and the reason why oysters have such a sexy reputation.

Iodine is considered a key component of keeping your sex drive hearty and healthy. A decrease in iodine can lead to a decreased sex drive, but consuming shrimp, which is packed with the stuff, will make sure you keep your supply in good standing. In a one-two punch of libido help, shrimp also contains an amino acid that may help kick your brain into sexy overdrive.

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