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5 very high paying jobs where you don’t need a college degree

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In order to have a good salary, you do not need to go to university, since there are many jobs where you could earn very good money with just a certification or a course. Here are five of them.

1. Commercial pilots

Flying an airplane requires experience and knowledge. Pilots must be certified in order for them to fly. Most commercial pilots earn more than $82,000 a year, but some can earn much more, according to the 24 Wall St portal.

2. Power distributors and dispatchers

They are those that coordinate and regulate the energy generated from sources of electricity or steam. Most of these employees earn more than $86,000 a year.

Keep in mind that as power plants become more efficient, automated, and advanced, the number of distributors and dispatchers needed to manage and regulate power distribution will decrease over time.

3. Front Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives

These are the sergeants and captains of the police department. They do not need a college degree, but they do need to complete training at the police academy and gain experience solving crimes.

Most of them make $89,000 a year.

4. Nuclear power reactor operator

They do not have to be engineers or have a degree in physics. They just need a certification to get the job done.

Most people in this job earn more than $94,000 per year.

5. Transportation, storage and distribution managers

They are often hired by trucking companies and ensure that their employer’s assets are shipped and stored in the fastest, most cost-effective, and efficient way.

The average annual salary for this job is $94,730.

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