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10 natural remedies to prevent and treat mosquito bites

prevent and treat mosquito bites

The mosquito season is coming with the arrival of the heat. And now that we are looking to spend more time outdoors, it is important to take measures so that this sunbath, picnic or walk in the park does not end up being a nightmare due to the attack of these insects. And what is worse, having to see our children suffer from the irritation and itching caused by these injuries on their delicate skin. Therefore, we recommend you follow some tips which will be as cheap as they are helpful to avoid and treat the discomfort caused by the mosquito attack. Take note of what the experts are saying to keep you safe from these nasty bites.

It is true that there is nothing better than doing outdoor activities, and that after the social isolation we go through, the body asks us for a little relaxation in nature. But also, we must remember that mosquitoes are on the prowl and that it is always better to opt for the natural to take care of ourselves, something that can be super simple if you take due precautions for both yourself and the rest of the family.

It is well known that apart from being very annoying, mosquito bites cause disease, so foresight is the first advice; But if you have already fallen into the mosquito nets, there are also ways to improve irritation and other consequential consequences. Not only will you sleep better, but you will spend the day away from the despair of wanting to scratch yourself and not being able to because it will be even worse. Follow these tips of 20 natural remedies against mosquitoes.

Natural remedies to prevent and treat mosquito bites

Avoid exposing yourself as much as possible to bites.

The less skin you expose, the less likely it will be bitten by the annoying mosquitoes that lurk in this hot season. We know that in summer you don’t want to dress too much, but it is important to anticipate. If you are in an area where mosquitoes abound, you should wear long-sleeved clothing, pants, and stockings.

Do not have standing water in your residence.

Stagnant waters promote the reproduction of mosquitoes, so you should avoid any focus in your house of these insects. Stilt larvae take 10 to 14 days to hatch. Knowing this, you will need to empty the children’s pools, roof gutters, or any container that contains standing water. Do it at least once a week.

Pay attention to the holes in the trees.

Holes in trees are another preferred place for mosquitoes to reproduce, so if you have any in your home or land, pay special attention to it. Try to remove the hole or what is better, permanently seal it with cement or tar to end this problem and minimize the proliferation of mosquitoes.

Use mosquito nets to protect the babies.

Prepare your baby’s room by placing a mosquito net around the crib to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes while sleeping. Make sure you place the mosquito net properly to avoid any accident. Also use it on the stroller before taking it for a walk, to keep it safe from these annoying insects.

Repair mosquito nets on doors and windows.

Check the window and door screens and make sure they are in good condition. Otherwise, it is time to get down to work on the task of repairing them, getting the mesh, or other materials necessary for this purpose. By sealing those spaces where mosquitoes can easily enter your home you will be much calmer.

Mosquitoes are mostly activated at dusk.

Those hours when the afternoon falls and the landscape becomes beautiful, they are the favorite of mosquitoes to go out. Therefore, it is advisable to stay locked up in the house as much as possible at dusk, or failing that, take all the precautions to keep them on the sidelines, and thus avoid being attacked by these flying insects.

Wear light-colored clothing.

Wearing clothing in light shades is a good idea to keep mosquitoes away. According to the American Mosquito Control Association, “dark clothing has been shown to attract some species of mosquitoes more than lighter colored clothing.” Now that you know, search your closet for those cute and vibrant summer pieces and stay safe from bites.

Keep your feet clean when wearing sandals.

Not only for hygiene but also because stinky feet attract mosquitoes as you have no idea. Make sure to wash them well before wearing bare shoes and save yourself a bad time with the bites. It is a simple but very effective step to counter mosquitoes and feels comfortable in summer.

Stay still to avoid attracting mosquitoes.

The human body emits substances that are a magnet for mosquitoes, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, which are produced in greater amounts when we are physically active or active. Having a little quiet is recommended to avoid it and combat mosquito bites.

Use certified natural insect repellents.

Of the many offerings on the market for natural mosquito repellents, go for those that are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since they have been certified according to their effectiveness against insects. You will be carrying a quality product with appropriate ingredients to combat mosquitoes.

Use natural honey on mosquito bites.

Honey is ideal for treating mosquito bites for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, so it is recommended to apply it directly to the lesions and leave it to act. In addition, because it is sticky, honey will prevent you from touching the bites and thus they can disappear much faster.

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