This Plant Attracts Money Like A Magnet, It’s A Must Have In Your Home


If you want to have a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home, you would most certainly incorporate indoor plants in the house. A great way to decorate your home, when plants, decorations, furniture and colors are concerned, you can find a lot of information in Feng Shui. It can also help you how to arrange the things in your house.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese study that is more than thousand years old. It deals with the interaction between the people and their environment, or the energy that flows on the Earth as well as the powers in heaven. According to the flow of energy, this study gives you harmony and balance in your environment.

According to Feng Shui, both living and non-living things exist in the presence of chi, renewing energy. Chi is also beneficial for the health.

The things in our surrounding, as well as their position, influence our well-being. Plants help the chi energy to be beneficial for us.

Besides being beautiful, plants protect from electromagnetic influence from electronic devices, cleanse the air from toxic material and impurities and provide oxygen.

According to Feng Shui, evergreen plants emit energy that influences our lives positively. One plant that is beneficial for business and material wealth is Jade plant, also called crassula ovate, dollar tree, lucky plant, pink joy and money plant. This plant is also easy to care of.

Jade plant

This plant comes from Africa. Due to its beautiful leaves that resemble coins, it has become a popular house plant around the world. The leaves of the jade plant are thick and store water.

The jade plant produces star-shaped pink or white flowers and depending on the sunlight exposure, the leaves can get red at their edges.

This plant can achieve a height of 3 meters. It blossoms in winter. The plant hibernates from October to April.

Taking care and growing a jade plant

To grow this plant, cut a twig, dry it for several days and then plant it in sand or in a combination of sand and soil. Water the plant on every third day and after a month, replant the root in a better soil.

You can also grow a jade plant by laying a leaf of the plant in soil. When you replant it, use 40% sand, 20% humus, 20% houseplant compost and the rest should be broken bricks and gravel.

If you plant crassula in a big pot and if you use fertilizers, the plant will grow faster. During the hibernation period water your jade plant 2 times.

The symbolism of the jade plant

In China, this plant is considered to bring a good luck. It is often used as a housewarming gift, as it is believed to bring wealth, fortune and prosperity in the home. The jade plant is often an excellent choice for a gift if you want to congratulate someone on a marriage or a new business. The precious jade stone also symbolizes something that has a huge value.

The color of the jade plant leaves is astonishing jade green. The color symbolizes renewal and growth. Meanwhile, the shape of the leaves is very similar to coins, so it symbolizes prosperity and material wealth of the person that owns the plant.

The position of the plant is essential for attracting financial blessing. Place the pot with the jade plant in the southeast corner of your house. Each new leaf that appears will increase your material wealth.

The blossoms of the plant also have a symbolism. They stand for deep and long friendship.

The white and pink flowers show the care that the owner gives to the plant, which is connected to the attention and care we give to our friends.

The jade plant is a beautiful addition to any household. Besides its beauty, enjoy the material benefits that this plant will bring.

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